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Choosing the right cabinet wood, finish, door style, hardware, and accessories, along with countertop material and patterns, can indeed feel overwhelming. But fear not! At Classic Cabinetry, we believe in making the kitchen design process enjoyable and stress-free. Instead of bombarding you with brochures or a lengthy checklist right away, we start by asking some simple questions to understand your preferences and needs. We will work closely with you to craft a personalized kitchen design that exceeds your expectations. So relax, and let’s turn your kitchen dreams into reality together!


Bathroom cabinetry, storage solutions, and hardware are now as significant as kitchen features in many homes. At our studio, we prioritize selecting practical finishes tailored to your lifestyle and the demands of your bathroom space. Despite their typically smaller size, bathrooms can still require significant investment to finish beautifully. Crafting a cohesive design with finishes that complement your style is essential. Our goal is to ensure that you never leave your bathroom feeling dissatisfied with the design, but rather, delighted every time you step out.



Classic Cabinetry is your partner whether you’re outfitting a commercial office or a home office. Whether you’re in a formal office environment, retail space, or working remotely, we have tailored solutions for you. Our aim is to provide finishes that foster productivity and create a conducive environment for completing tasks, whether you’re collaborating in an office or focusing at home. Let us help you create a space that inspires efficiency and enhances your work experience.



Cabinetry serves various purposes across different spaces. Consider adding built-in seating to your entryway, storage solutions to your garage or laundry room, or collaborating with a designer to create custom furniture cabinetry that can transition seamlessly from room to room as needed. For more information on how cabinetry and storage solutions can enhance every area of your home or business, reach out to one of our designers today.