Kitchen Design and Kitchen Remodel Process

Classic Cabinetry in Reedsburg, WI, follows these steps to give our customers full satisfaction in their new kitchen design or kitchen remodel project for years to come.

  1. Review our website for general product information and services we offer.
  2. Call us at (608) 524-8448 and schedule an appointment to meet with a designer at our showroom. On your initial visit to our showroom please bring your dimensional information (i.e. blueprints) for your new home and ideas for your new kitchen design or measurements from your existing space for your kitchen remodel project.
    1. At your first appointment at our showroom, please bring your dimensional information (i.e. blueprints) for your new home and ideas for your new kitchen design or measurements from your existing space for your kitchen remodel project.
  3. During your initial visit to our showroom we will discuss your kitchen design, your family size, the number of years you plan on owning your home, etc. We will also discuss specific accessories you may wish to consider for your project. Also, we will determine the look, feel, or style you wish to achieve for your completed new kitchen design or kitchen remodel project. We will inquire about your approximate budget so we may determine the products which will best suit the project.
  4. From your initial consultation we will create the plans, specifications, and pricing for your new kitchen design or kitchen remodel project. A formal proposal will be drafted from the plans, specifications, and pricing. The designer working on your project will call to schedule a follow-up appointment with you.
  5. On the follow-up appointment we will go over the plans, specifications, and pricing on the proposal. Plans and specifications will only be released when a deposit is received from you. Any deposit received for plans and specifications will be applied to the purchase price of your project at the time you are ready to proceed with the ordering process.

Classic Cabinetry FAQs

As you begin to plan a new kitchen design or existing kitchen remodel project, review the following common questions:

How do I start on my new kitchen design? What is the first step?

Getting started is relatively easy. First think about the space, features, appliances, and look and style you would ideally want in your new kitchen. Next contact our professional kitchen designers in Reedsburg, WI, at (608) 524-8448 to assist you with your space and your ideas.

What should I expect my new kitchen to cost?

A new kitchen can be done very economically if budget is a concern. Classic Cabinetry can put you in a kitchen with new kitchen cabinets and beautiful countertops for less than $5,000. If your home remodel project requires new flooring, moving walls, plumbing and electrical improvements, etc. add $3,000 to $4,000. If you wish to have lifetime cabinets and countertops, many convenient accessories and a distinctive look, this same kitchen could run $12,000 to $15,000. Costs will vary depending on your personal taste and choices.

Which rooms will typically add the greatest value to my home?

In most cases, convenient, well planned, stylish bathrooms and kitchens will not only add greatest value to your home, they will also appeal favorably to prospective buyers if resale value is a concern.

What is the average return on investment on a bath or kitchen remodel?

Typically, a well organized, attractive kitchen and bathroom will return 90-110% of your initial cost back to you when you sell your home.

Approximately, what will my investment in my kitchen area cost me per month for 30 years?

$7,500 for 30 years @ 4.0% = $35.81/month or $1.17 per day

$12,500 for 30 years @ 4.0% = $59.68/month or $1.96 per day

$17,500 for 30 years @ 4.0% = $83.55/month or $2.74 per day

May I do some of the installation, remodeling, or demolition myself with my carpenter friend?

Yes, we encourage everyone to do what they can for themselves. We will provide assistance and suggestions to help you complete these tasks on your own.

How long should I expect my new kitchen cabinets and countertops to last and still look and function well?

Certainly different products have a longer life expectancy than others. Depending on the products chosen, with proper care and maintenance your cabinets should last a minimum of 15-20 years. Many cabinets and cabinet hardware products offered by Classic Cabinetry carry a lifetime warranty and with proper care and maintenance will truly last the life of the home.

What type of countertops would be best for my new kitchen?

Countertop materials vary greatly in composition, price, and performance. Plastic laminate countertops typically will hold up and look good for 8-10 years. Plastic laminate countertops are very inexpensive, offer a wide range of colors to choose from, and are easy to replace. A newer feature with plastic laminate countertops allows the integration of an acrylic, stainless steel, or quartz undermount sink. Solid surface (Corian®) type materials for countertops offer seamless installation, a renewable surface, and seamless undermount sink options. This material will last forever so choose colors you won’t grow tired of.

Granite countertops are very elegant, but will have visible seams, sit on backsplashes, and a caulk line at the undermount sink location. Granite countertops also do require some routine maintenance to seal the surface of the counter. Therefore, granite countertops may not be for everyone. Quartz countertops, such as Cambria and Hanstone countertops are currently the hardest material available for countertop surfaces. Quartz countertops install much like granite, however, don’t require any maintenance like granite does. Granite and Quartz countertops will also last forever, so again, choose your colors carefully.

Two interesting perspectives on countertop materials: Customer A prefers to use plastic laminate countertops at a lower cost and change them frequently to keep up with changing color trends. Customer B selects a higher quality, lifetime countertop material and never has to think about changing tops. Both Customer A and B have valid reasons for their choices and neither theory is wrong. Are you customer A or B?

As you plan for your new kitchen, you should purchase the best quality cabinets possible and if you need to save dollars, use laminate countertops for the first few years and then upgrade.

What information is a Kitchen Designer going to need from me when we meet? Consider these questions:

  • Do I have a blueprint or sketch with dimensions of proposed kitchen area to share with my designer?
  • How long do I plan to stay in this home?
  • What is the target budget for my new kitchen design?
  • Does that budget allow me to purchase the best quality cabinetry available? To save money, am I willing to use laminate countertops for the first few years and then upgrade to higher quality countertops?
  • What specific style am I interested in? Wood species? Color?
  • What convenience items or accessories are required? What priorities do these items have?
  • How do I plan to use my kitchen? Entertainment? Meal preparation? A combination?
  • Do I want my new kitchen to be “eat-in” style? If so, seating for how many people will be required on a daily basis? Do you prefer space for a table, a peninsula or island snack bar?
  • If remodeling, what features do I like about my present kitchen and what would I definitely have changed?
  • How will you use my countertops? For example, do I do light cooking, using countertops minimally, or will they be tested daily by a my family or my active lifestyle.

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